Maker Faire Detroit: Fun Things To Make For Kids

| July 28, 2012 | Reply

Maker Faire is very kid friendly. There are tons of things for kids to do, and I am just going to show off a couple real quick. First, you can make your own high bouncy balls! You pick the colors and such and then some helpful people will heat up the pieces you chose and drop the hot rubber into a cup of water. From there, the kids can watch as their bouncey ball is cooled and comes to life.

Also in the same area is a collection of small pipes that kids can turn into anything, from toy guns, to robot shapes, or even cars.

Kids can also build and launch their own rockets! More or less, you take a bunch of parts and tape and a kid makes a rocket to look however they would want. From there, the rocket is attached to an air powered launcher and sent off into the air. Pretty fun times.

OH, and Darth Vader is here partying.

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