Meet Your Maker: Mind Flame

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At Maker Detroit there are tons of things to see and do. One of the more interesting/techy type things is the Mind Flame. Here’s how it works: Two people put some EEG headsets on which will read electronic impulses from their brains. From there when your concentration reaches a certain point, the flamethrower will fire. The first person to set the flamethrower off three times wins. It’s still very early in the tech of mind controlled devices but this was a very interesting way to show off the possibilities and the power of using your brainwaves. As far as the torches go they are controlled by an Adruino board and contain a propane tank, a pressure build tank and an ignition. The makers behind this invention are from a hackerspace i3 Detroit. At i3, you pay a small monthly fee and have access to just about every type of manufacturing device you need.


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