Meet Your Maker: Power Wheels Racing Series

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What happens when you take children’s power wheels, hackers and a lot of added power? You get high speed and highly competitive racing on machines that are a blast to watch. At Maker Faire Detroit I took in the different competitions from this series and had a lot of fun doing so. More or less it works like this: You can spend $500 to buy, modify and speed up a children’s power wheels toy. Just how fast can these machines go? You might be surprised. All fun and games? Maybe, but it’s still a  race. And just like in any other road race you have spin-outs, crashes into the walls, crashes into other cars and even fires. Not every car is a high speed vehicle. Some cars are there just to party, like the Omnicorp Detroit party bus that featured a stereo system providing tunes while they circled the track. Or the puppymobile that would uh, spray other drivers as they tried to pass.

The series makes a few stops around the Midwest and awards champions for each race and accumulative points for an overall champion as well. If you feel like you would like to try your hand at making one of these cars of your own, head over to the Power Racing Series website for more information. We have a ton of photos and will try to share some of our favorites. We also have plenty of video that I will update this post with later on.

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