Over 8,000 Mobile Devies Left At Just The Top 7 US Airports Alone

| July 6, 2012 | Reply

Sometimes travel can be stressful. Waiting in lines, making sure everything is packed and getting to your flight on time can all wear your mental compass down. Because of this and general stupidity a ton of mobile devices are left at airports every year.The top seven airports in the US include: Chicago O’Hare, Denver International, San Francisco International, Charlotte Douglas, Miami International, Orlando International and Minneapolis/St. Paul. Smartphones and computers make up about 88% of the devices left and USB drives make up the rest. What happens when you leave your item? Most places will donate the mobile device to a charity while one of the seven just turn them over to police. Most of the devices are left at TSA checkpoints of course (they are really good for the US, right?!) and in bathrooms. No word on how many are stolen by TSA employees when they are left but that should bring the number up as well. So when you are going through the airport security checkpoint and your kid is crying after being molested by “agents” and your shoes are stinking up the joint make sure you grab everything you placed in those plastic bins.

Source: TechCrunch

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