Photos Of Canon’s Entry Into The Mirrorless Camera Field Appear With New Lens In Tow

| July 20, 2012 | Reply

Mirrorless cameras are pretty simple to explain without really getting into it. More or less, you get DSLR quality images out of a camera not much larger than a point and shoot, and can even use interchangeable lenses. Sony and Olympus are the leaders in this arena of cameras right now. The Sony Nex-7 is arguably the best camera you can buy, if you don’t prefer the size and weight of an SLR. Nikon was late getting into the mirrorless realm and hasn’t gotten great reviews of their mirrorless camera. Canon is running even later and we are hoping that the wait was worth it. With the leak of some images, we can now see a camera that looks almost like a cheap-ish 35mm. It certainly didn’t take it’s ques from the AE-1 of yesteryear. I am guessing from the lack of buttons on the back it will sport a touchscreen. No word on cost. Looks like it will be named the EOS-M.

Also released in the leak is a new prime lens. It’s a 22mm f2 lens, which appears to be a small mount. No word on what the mount is called, or if it is a completely new mount format.

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