Scary: A Gun Made At Home Using A 3D Printer That Fires

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3D printers are amazing. They will revolutionize the way people and businesses go about doing things in the near future as the cost goes down to get a printer and the ease of use is increased. We will be in an age where if you need a small repair part you can just print it at home. This has already been done. Imagine when you lose the stupid battery cover for your remote and instead of just taping it you walk over, download some plans and print it. Hospitals will be able to print skin grafts, replacement bones, cartilage and other things. Ear get chewed off by Mike Tyson? No problem! The hospital can print you some cartilage and some skin and it’ll be good as new. But sometimes the uses for 3d printing can be scary. A user on a large gun forum has managed to print a .22 caliper handgun with an older 3d printer. With a new one it would be even more precise and could be used to print more for distribution. This is really an amazing achievement in technology but it also needs to be handled carefully. You can now download your own gun printing plans for a 3D printer online(which I wont link to). If you decided to try this know that if a gun is improperly built you could shoot yourself or the gun could explode.

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