Verizon’s Galaxy S3 Comes With A Locked Bootloader. Root, A Workaround, And Verizon S3 Source Code Already Released

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When people started to receive their shiny new Verizon S3 it came with a bit of a surprise. A locked bootloader. It didn’t take very long for the interwebs to blow up in anger over this and for many Android specific websites to start reporting false information that the bootloader was encrypted. Not long after that a method of root access was discovered and once again these Android sites did some uneducated reporting stating that root had solved the bootloader problem. For people that do not know, root access does not bypass a bootloader. Root access merely give someone superuser access to the sofware on the phone at the time. Opening the bootloader would allow for custom kernels and radios to be installed.

Over the weekend a method of bypassing the bootloader issue was discovered to be useable known as Kexec. It grabs the bootloader during it’s boot stages and then places a secondary boot into the phone allowing for a kernel to be run and custom roms to be had. Right now it is in the development stages but it should pan out if no easier way is found.

This morning, Samsung also posted the source code for the Verizon Galaxy S3 on their webpage for you to download and do your worst to. Check the Source at the bottom for the source code.

If you bought or are planning on buying an S3 don’t panic just yet. The device is barely into anyones hands and has already gotten further than most new releases do in a week. Keep calm and carry on.

Source: Samsung

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