We Should Stop Calling Them Smartphones And Start Calling Them Mobile Devices

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O2 Wireless is the UK version of ATT. The company has released some facts about smartphone usage that shows people spend less time talking on their phones than they do using the device for a few other things like browsing the internet and social networking. The study came up with the following information:

Smartphone users spend more time browsing the internet (25 minutes a day), social networking (17 minutes a day), playing games (13 minutes a day) and listening to music (16 minutes a day) than they do making calls (12 minutes). We spend about 11 minutes a day on email, 10.2 minutes on text messaging and when you total it all up, we stare at our smartphones for a whopping 128 minutes.

  • Over half (54%) say they use their phones in place of an alarm clock
  • Almost half (46%) have dispensed with a watch in favour of using their smartphone
  • Two-in-five (39%) have switched to use their phone instead of a separate camera
  • Over one quarter use their phone instead of a laptop (28%)
  • One in ten have got shot of a games console in favour of their handset (11%)
  • Perhaps indicative of where things are moving, one in twenty smartphone users have switched to using their phone in place of a TV (6%) or reading physical books (6%)

Hardware upgrades have been the biggest contributor to the trend of these devices being more than just a phone. They are fast, responsive, mobile and reliable. If you can think of something you would like to do your smartphone can likely handle it. As time goes by these numbers will only increase as more and more people adopt smartphones. Even the newer generation of smartphones (read: Android and iPhone) have made an impact on the way people use their phones. Apps like Chase bank app has made my financial life much easier and I never have to go and wait in line for a teller any longer.

Source: GigaOM

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