A Classic Spin On Modern Devices: The iTypewriter and iTurntable [video]

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Typewriters are dead. As we reported over a year ago, the last company to produce new typewriters halted production last year. Turntables are now relegated to DJ’s for the most part, and with cd and mp3 mixing that is dying off as well. But one man has done a pretty stellar job at keeping the legacy of these amazing inventions alive. Austin Yang is an inventor and designer with prototype devices to make your nostalgic side feel all warm and fuzzy.

First is the iTurntable. It’s an iPod dock with a working spinning record shaped plastic and a moveable stylus as well. When you place the stylus over the spinning record, the music plays. Put the stylus away, and the music will pause. It’s a very nice wood design that would certainly spark conversation at parties or other events.

Next is the iTypewriter. It’s just a shell of a typewriter that you attach an iPad to. Then of course the keys will line up and when you press a key on the typewriter, an arm will come up and press the appropriate button on the iPad screen. It’s a very novel idea and it would make a nice gift for older ipad users to make them feel like old times were back again.

Source: Austin Yang


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