A Dream That Can Make Facebook Even More Annoying [update]

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I’m sure we’re all familiar with Kickstarter.com, especially with the news of the Ouya’s success with their campaign. For those of you who haven’t been keeping up, Kickstarter is a site where anyone can get help finding backers to fund whatever their trying to accomplish. Feeling generous?  You can search by category, funding levels, and even by your location or favorite city. Just looking through the site you find so many different projects people are attempting to create.  Some, like the Old Familiar Comb bottle opener, make you wonder how on earth they’ll reach their goal.  Other projects are over their goal mark in helping more people to dress like hippies, as is the case with Earthtone Clothing.  If you have a dream to produce or buy something you think is awesome…. kickstarter has it.

Sadly, there are also things this world can do without. One of the recent successes, who raised over 6x their goal, is Eyez by ZionEyez.  As if we don’t get bombarded with second by second updates of our friends enough, ZionEyes is helping to take it a step further.  Eyez is a pair of new 720p HD video recording glasses to help people share even more of their lives than they already do.  Can’t get enough of seeing the 648 newly uploaded pictures your friend’s new baby every day?  Now you get streaming HD video of every diaper change!  Wish you could watch every bite of your friend eating that pizza instead of just 10 different angles?   With these glasses you get to see what it looks like from his point of view without the satisfaction. Think if they can’t stream you’re safe?  Nope. They’ve thought of it all.  It comes with an 8GB, built in, flash memory that they can upload later or transfer via bluetooth to their smartphones. Eyez comes with both the clear and shaded lenses and will sell for around $200 once it hits the market.  If you can’t share enough with everyone on Facebook, here is their site for you to keep up on. While these glasses can have some pretty cool uses, I just hope people use more discretion with these than they do their cameras.


Update: I just received this email from Kenji Prince, the barber behind the Old Familiar Comb bottle opener.

“Thank you for your concern with our kickstarter project. Thankfully we were fully funded in less than 48 hours.”

Kudos on your successful campaign Mr. Prince and thank you for reading our site!

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