Amazon Holding A Press Conference Sept.6, No Clues On Announcement Given

| August 23, 2012 | Reply

Amazon has rented an airplane hangar for September 6th, but we doubt the announcement will be a new Amazon Airlines. Chances are pretty good a whole new set of tablets will be announced from the retail and book selling giant. It’s been rumored that a larger tablet and a much higher quality 7 inch tablet has been in works over at Amazon for a while now. This timing runs just about in line with last years Kindle Fire announcement. Since the Kindle Fire, the tablet game has changed. The iPad has dropped in price, and the Nexus 7 is storming retailers on track to ship 6 million devices this year. If Amazon wants to compete with the N7, it had better get with the times. Simply adding a camera and a better screen will not do. The device will need ot be updated to at least Android 4.0 to take advantage of speed improvements in the OS. Another question to ask is if Amazon will ever add Google Now to their device. I doubt they would, but that’s just another downside compared to the N7. Amazon will push more media selling to the newest tablets and may put more of an emphasis on games. At this presser Amazon may also reveal a backlit e-ink reader for traditional readers. Either way, we will let you know exactly what Amazon has planned on the 6th.

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