Apple vs Samsung: Samsung Owes $1.05 Billion And Gets Nothing Back

| August 24, 2012 | Reply

A jury in the Apple V Samsung suit has found Samsung guilty on willingly and purposely infringing on almost all of the claims Apple filed. Almost every phone that Apple had a claim against was found guilty. The iPad suits were all found not guilty. As far as Samsungs counter suits on Apple? Nothing. Samsung didn’t win one claim. The jury was quick to act on the claims. There were 700 questions they jury had to answer as well as going through each Samsung device and determining damages in dollars. The jury must have walked in the room Tuesday and all just said “lets start adding up”.

This trial is sure to have a large and wide reaching impact on patent disputes. This is the first time a large monetary value has been placed on a patent in a court with a jury. Now Apple may try to branch out to other devices from other manufacturers. Or other companies may start to come after Apple. Either way it is bad for people who hate lawsuits, but very good for Apple’s wallet.

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