Geeks Around The World Unite For Tesla Museum

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With the technology we have today, it’s extremely easy to  reach out to others for a cause we believe in. “The Oatmeal”, Matthew Inman, has done just that for yet another charitable cause.  In honor of Nikola Tesla, the passed over genius inventor, Inman has raised over 1.85 million dollars within 9 days to help buy back Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower in New York.  While the tower was once Tesla’s lab, the donations will help turn it into a museum to help bring awareness to the man often overlooked in the history books. Never heard of Tesla, his accomplishments, or how he was royally screwed over?  You can read a pretty entertaining breakdown in The Oatmeal’s article, “Why Nikola Tesla was the Greatest Geek Ever Lived”. Inman has been a big advocate of Teslas for a while now, and decided to use Indigogo to help bring over 20,000 people in 102 countries together and raise over 1 million dollars.  The state of New York is also matching $850,000 (the original goal) with a grant towards the purchase that will make this a permanent historic site.  While the $850,000 was enough to bid on the property, there’s still money needed for the renovation of the tower and creation of a museum.  With 37 days still left to donate, Inman and a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, are hoping to be able to fast track the opening of the museum.



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