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The title says it all right? I’m pleased to announce that Gizmo Ninja has agreed to promote my theme and get its name out there on the interwebs. The Cyanogenmod 10 and AOKP theme (Bamf support in the works!) entitled “StoneDroid” is now on the Android Play Store and can be found and purchased HERE for the low low price of one US Dollar. The theme will be constantly updated while I work out the kinks and add support for as many devices as I can. Right now, Stonedroid is available for HDPI and XHDPI devices. I put my updates through a lot of testing before I send them to the market so you shouldn’t come across any issues unless I really goof something up. Now, on to the good stuff… THE GIVEAWAY! (Photos of the prizes can be found at the bottom of this post!!!)

For being nice guys and reaching out to me and promoting my theme on their website, I have donated my developer PC, and a brand new 20″ HP LCD Monitor to give away to one (technically 2) lucky purchaser! That’s right! All you have to do is show your support to Gizmo Ninja and myself by purchasing this app for 1$, follow Gizmoninja on twitter @TheGizmoNinja, and you are automatically entered into the giveaway. Shortly after August 31, I will review the count of purchases, and if it hits a predetermined amount of downloads we will choose a winner for the PC (Valued at over $1000)!! The monitor will be Gizmo Ninja’s show of good faith and will be given away no matter what the downloads hit!! And to make sure no one feels ripped off, as soon as the downloads do happen to hit that predetermined number, the giveaway will happen!!! Please make sure you follow @TheGizmoNinja and @mike91908 on twitter to stay on top of the contest. Anyone who has already purchased the app is also already in the drawing, but please remember to follow @TheGizmoNinja on twitter!

Oh, one more thing. You do NOT have to be rooted or keep the app actively installed for a chance to win the PC or Monitor! Anyone that makes the purchase is entered into the drawing. So if you have friends and family that own android devices and want a few extra chances to win, you know what to do… tell them to download StoneDroid now!

Who’s ready for some PC Specs?? Here’s what your buying a chance to win (and getting a great theme in return! Its win-win!) Oh also, this PC CAN run OSX Lion if you’re into that kind of thing =D.

Mid-Haf 922 Cooler Master Case (SOOOOO QUIET!)

i7 Intel 3.4 Ghz Quad Core (unlocked for overclocking)

Asus P8-Z68-V Full ATX MotherBoard with integrated graphics

16 Gb of Corsair Vengence Series RAM

Asus Dual Layer DVD-RW Drive

500 GB 7200RPM  HDD

Nvidia GT440 Graphics Card

Asus PCE-N15 Wifi Card

650 Watt Power Supply

In Case you missed it above, follow the Google Play link or scan the QR code below for the app download and your chance to win!!

StoneDroid Google Play link

Please make sure you read the Rules and Restrictions below:


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