Google Puts The $12.5 Billion Purchase Of Motorola Mobility To Work; Files Suit Against Apple For Seven Patents

| August 18, 2012 | Reply

Motorola Mobility has filed suit against Apple after reporting the iOS maker refused to discuss licensing involving seven patents. The patents range from location reminders to Siri. Motorola Mobility is seeking a ban of importing iPhones and iPads into the US in the lawsuit. The lawsuit is not for a monetary amount because the patents are wide ranging and cover almost the full design of iOS. Because of that the suit has been filed with the ITC, not in a normal court. It looks like with the timing of this, Google is going to start the fight with the new iPhone. If the suit were to impose a ban the new iPhone would need a completely new music player, location gathering software base and Siri would be gone. Motorola Mobility has another suit files with the SEC against Apple which is set to be decided upon August 24th which could also result in a sales ban. Apple has filed a similar suit against Motorola Mobility, which they lost.


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