Groupon Stock Continues To Plummet: Down Another 25% Today

| August 14, 2012 | Reply

Groupon was one of the first companies that were only based online that went public. When the stock peaked, it was up to $31.14 per share. Yesterday the company released their second quarter financial results that weren’t actually too bad. But the results left Groupon investors scared about the future and what plans the company had to bring in more income. So the stock started to go down even further. And today, it’s just getting abysmal. At the time of this writing the stock is down to $5.66 which is a 25% drop today. If you invested in the company when the stock was released you aren’t a happy camper if you have stuck with the stock and not just cut your losses. I don’t see what could save the company from the stock becoming dead. Groupon has no real business plan and can even lose their own customers money because of poor returning new customers from the companies using Groupon.

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