Nikon’s $1500 D600 Full Frame Camera To Launch September 13? [rumor]

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Nikon has let a few images and specs leak of the D600 full frame camera for some time now. The rumor is that it will cost about $1500, which would put it at a 25% savings over the current lowest price full frame camera the Canon 5Dmkii, which is also about four year old technology. The D600 specs are rumored to be a 24.6-megapixel FX sensor, a 39-point autofocus system, a top ISO sensitivity of 25,600, and 30fps 1080p HD video recording. Pretty impressive specs for the price. Before you scoff at the seemingly low ISO high setting, tell me when the last time you used an iso over 6400 or even 1600. It’s just a selling point for Canon. If the D600 can pack this technology into a full frame senor at this price, it almost justifies the cost of full frame shooting vs a crop sensor. Right now the technology and lenses you can get with a crop sensor can just about equal full frame cameras up to about a $4000 range. The rumored date for release is “on or around” September 13th. If you are looking into a new Nikon, you may want to hold off. If this camera really does come in at $1500, will Canon simple lower the cost of the outdated 5dmkii, or try to compete with a newer camera?

Via: The Verge

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