Perseid Meteor Shower This Weekend.

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Get your wishes ready!  This weekend the earth passes through the debris from Comet Swift-Tuttle, giving us the best meteor shower of the year. Starting around 10pm (your local time) until right before dawn, NASA is expecting you could see 100 meteors an hour if you’re in a rural area.  While those of us in the city may not see much of the shower, we will get to see why this year is extra special.  Jupiter, Venus, and the crescent Moon will all be visible in the eastern sky this weekend, and will even be in alignment just before sunrise.  To make this weekend just a little bit more fun, NASA has come out with a free Android and iPhone apps (links below) to help you keep count of how many you see!  Not only will you get to rate the brightness of each shooting star you see, you’ll also be helping out NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office on their study and model of the Perseid debris stream.


iPhone Meteor Counting App

Android Meteor Counting App

Source: NASA

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