Samsung Confirms They Will Sue Apple If there Is A LTE iPhone

| August 30, 2012 | Reply

It looks like Samsung is a little hurt by the Apple lawsuit. Either that to Samsung has had this planned for a while now. As we have reported, Samsung owns about 10% of the patents related to using LTE technology in todays smartphones. The company has licensing deals with just about every manufacturer in regards to this technology. Samsung didn’t even try to sue Apple over the LTE iPad which Apple never got any licensing for. We have also said that Samsung and Google may be waiting to file suit against Apple to hit them where it hurt….when they announce a new phone. Apple only makes one phone a year so you could imagine if an injunction were to hit the phone. Motorola(owned by google) has just filed suit against Apple. The timing is precarious to say the least. Now according to the Korea Times, Samsung has intentions to sue Apple if they introduce an LTE iphone. I would hope that Apple is planning on using LTE technology in its new iPhone. If the rumors and leaks are true, it’s bad enough the phone is only going up to four inches. And with those four inches you only get a taller phone. Still the same 640 wide resolution. Samsung may also be using this threat of suit as a way to publicly negotiate cross licensing deals. Either way, Samsung is hoping to have the last laugh here. Apple wants to ban a bunch of old phones that nobody buys while Samsung is going after the newest tech Apple brings to the table.

Source: GigaOM

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