Samsung Responds To Apple Saying They Stole From Them By Letting The Jury Know Apple Stole From Others [video]

| August 14, 2012 | Reply

If you have paid much attention to the Apple V Samsung case you know it’s been brutal for Samsung as of now. Mainly it’s because Apple was making their case last week, and Samsung was just watching. Now Samsung is painting their picture of why they should not pay $2.5 billion to Apple. Right now, Samsung is disputing the patents Apple is attempting to sue for overall. Pinch to zoom is one of the major sticking points in the case. Many of you know Apple’s patents are a little questionable sometimes with things like slide to unlock. Samsung notices that as well, and is showing the jury a video of the Diamond touch by Mitsubishi. DT was created in 2001 and featured pinch to zoom and resize just like iPhone. Then Samsung brought a Mitsu engineer that told the jury in 2003 the company shopped the idea to Apple. It’s a good point to make, but it doesn’t really seem to prove much. It’s more of an admission of guilt while deflecting that admission.

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