Science Is Amazing: A New Particle Is Invented That Will Oxygenate Blood Without Breathing Air

| August 24, 2012 | Reply

A team of scientists has come up with one of the biggest discoveries in years. The scientists have created a particle that when injected into the bloodstream can oxygenate blood to just about normal levels for up to half an hour. This discovery has the ability to change the way many things are done in medicine and other places. In medicine it could save millions of lives. Anyone with a heart attack, punctured lung or respiratory failure cold be injected and it may allow enough time for doctors to act and save a life. In other areas it could allow people to do things like go snorkeling without a snorkel! Or if a ship is sinking or someone has drown it can keep them alive long enough to be revived. People who work in areas with dangerous chemicals to breathe in could use the particles to save their lungs. There is no word on how far along testing is with this process or how close it may be to widespread use. Usual medical breakthroughs take a few years to get approved for use.

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