The FURBY Is Back. Pre-Order Today And Don’t Forget The Earplugs [video]

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If you are say…20-30 in age you may have had or remember the Furby. A small cutesy type little furry animal that spoke its own language and learned as you used it. They would interact with you or other Furbys and had their own language – Furbish. The toy was immensely popular for a short time and faded away as batteries died and kids grew up. But now Furby is back. There are a ton of upgrades over the last furby with the most notable being LCD eyeballs. There are some new sensors it seems as well since you can tickle, twirl, shake and pull the tail of the little thing. There is an app as well that will help you learn what your Furby is saying and allow you to feed it.The app is only available on iOS right now but i imagine an Android version isn’t far behind. If you have a kid that you think may enjoy this you can pre-order today at walmart for about $50. We have attached the sales video complete with some terrible actor letting you know in monotone all of the ways you will enjoy the new toy.

Via: Gizmodo

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