Verizon Wireless Adds Five New Shared Data Plans, Adds 20GB plan.

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Verizon caught quite a bit of backlash when they brought out the shared data plans. If you have more than one person with a smart phone on your plan, that uses a lot of data, it’s pretty much a bum deal. With adding some new plans, Verizon hopes to coax more of you into taking the data plans and changing your plan to a shared one. Now, the highest tier of data is 20GB for $150. On top of that, there are plans for 12GB for $110 a month, 14GB for $120 a month, 16GB for $130 a month, and 18 GB for $140 a month. Somehow this makes me feel like when Verizon said “most customers less than 2GB of data”, they may have been making stuff up. Either way, if you want in on these plans you have to call customer service and arrange for the plan to be added. If you go with 10GB plus overage it will cost you much more.

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