When Android And Google Blogs Go Wrong: Trolling For Hits By Reporting Apple News And Vice Versa [rant]

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I browse, on average, over 2000 news articles a day. I report on here what I think is interesting and relevant to people like myself. To me, that is anything gadget, tech, or mobile related; this site isn’t named to be specific to one type of reporting. Some sites however, know that Apple news gets hits and they report it with the name Google, Android, or Droid in the name of the site. Take for example when we liveblog an Apple announcement, our hits are about triple what they normally are. Other sites know that and capitalize on it. To me personally it waters down how much of an enthusiast they believe you, the readers, are.

If you love Andoird and Google, that’s awesome. I love Android and am also interested in Apple news. I have had three iPhones, I’ve work on macs, and I think the iPad is the best tablet out. Now, most Android readers may feel the same way, but does that mean you want your news biased? I often hear about Gizmodo being “Apple Fanboys” for always reporting and loving everything Apple. When I go over to other Droid-Whatever websites, I see plenty of Apple news as well. So then proclaimed “Android Fanboys” who own the site can be biased as well because of a name? It’s just trolling for hits. That’s it. And it’s pathetic. If you want Apple and Android news then go to a good source for each. A source that will be excited to report each, not just write it to get comments and hits.

I will try not to call out too many sites here because that’s kind of rude, but one in particular is just getting sad. One in particular owns blogs for Google and Apple and keeps them separate, unless you read their RSS feed as many people do. Today alone on this “Google” names site, there were 7 Apple based postings in the RSS as opposed to 3 about Google. The rest do it as well. Android this or Droid that always seem to like posting their stories about Apple faster than they post Android news. I know it will make no difference, but please trust the right news sources for your information. Being informed is just as important as being excited about your information. Have you ever had to watch a baseball or football game with broadcasters from the other teams city? Sure you get the same information, but it’s a lot less exciting.


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