When The FBI Wanted MegaUpload Gone, They Used Tons Of Force To Take Down Kim Dotcom. Video Of The Raid. [video]

| August 8, 2012 | Reply

This type of overkill seems reserved for the good ole USA, but in New Zealand where Kim Dotcom lives (very well I might add),  it took several helicopters, police, dogs, and special forces to apprehend a guy. You would have thought he was a drug lord or had weapons, but nope, its just the founder of MegaUpload. Dotcom claims he was brutalized by the police. The police say it was needed to ensure he didn’t destroy any physical evidence, but by the time they had raided Dotcom’s home, the FBI already had all of his servers and data. Something like this is sad. It only took two police officers to handle this, but I am sure pressure from the U.S. made New Zealand think that Dotcom was a huge threat to the safety and security of the public. Right, Ukraine?!

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