Amazon Introduces The Kindle fire HD With A High Res Screen And Impressive Processor

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With the incremental update to the original Kindle Fire, Amazon has answered just about all gripes with the Fire HD. It will be available in a 7 inch and 8.9 inch variant. The processor it comes with is an OMAP 4470 which is supposed to be even better than the Tegra 3. The resolution is an impressive 1920×1200 on a screen that has a polarized coating which will result in 25% less glare than a typical screen. Its just 8.8mm thick with a ppi of 254. The Fire HD has a two speaker Dolby digital sound system which should be the best in class for tablets. The tablet has two antennas for wifi communication to cut down on signal loss and low signal issues so you can use it outside. It will come with a standard of 16gb of memory with other options available. Facebook and Skype have built custom apps for the Fire HD, which will likely be ported to all tablets soon enough. There are parental controls which have profiles for different children that can control access and time limits for children. The Fire HD looks like it added Bluetooth but skipped GPS. Price for the 7 inch 16gb version is just $199 and the 8.9 inch 16gb model will be $299. The larger Fire HD won’t be available until November 20th. There is also a $499 version which features the 8.9 inch screen and 4G LTE as well as 32gb of storage. To use the LTE it will be $50 a year. The $50 per year will give you 250mb of data per month, 20gb of cloud storage and a $10 app store credit. This version also ships out November 20th. No word on if the base of Android has been updated or how much RAM the Fire HD has, but we are guessing its 1gb.

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