And All Subsites Are Down. Member Of Anonymous Claims Responsility.

| September 10, 2012 | Reply

Last week a couple million iOS UDID numbers were leaked by hacking group anonymous. The group claimed they were stolen form a hacked FBI computer. The FBI denied such claims and today the real source of the leak has come out. Anonymous today posted a #tangodown for What #tangodown usually means is a site is down or has been taken down. While that isn’t an outright claim of responsibility, it is. I guess from checking twitter all of anon aren’t claiming responsibility, just @anonymousown3r. The problem now is the credibility of the group has been lost in the lie they put out last week. We reached out to Godaddy (like everyone else has) to ask if the site is down due to a hackers activity. No word back just yet. As of right now, the main site is still down for me. It may be starting to re-populate dns responses in other places by now. I can’t say that I feel bad for Godaddy. They did back SOPA.

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