Google Fiber Is Eligible In 90% Of Targeted Neighborhoods In Just Six Weeks

| September 10, 2012 | Reply

When we covered the announcement of Google Fiber, we shared with you all of the details of the super fast and inexpensive internet and cable service. Google set out to sign a number of people up in each “fiberhood” it created and if certain numbers were met, that area would become eligible for the 1gbps internet service. It’s been six weeks and Google has reported that 180 out of the 202 fiberhoods have the required sign ups to move ahead. Some neighborhoods became eligible after just a couple of hours of the announcement. 63 fiberhoods became eligible last week. Google is also reporting that even more areas could become eligible as they are still processing apartment sign ups. Google must be very excited about the success of their first jump into internet and cable, and cable companies like Comcast and ATT Uverse must be very worried.

Source: Google Fiber Blog

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