Liveblog: Apple’s iPhone,iPod Press Conference

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IT’s time and you can follow below live as we keep you up to date on the happenings at the Apple press conference

02:58 PM EDT

Okay, well thats it! Now time to go re-write all of this. Thanks for watching.

02:53 PM EDT

Foo Fighters is about to play a third song. Not too much live blogging to be done.


02:49 PM EDT

Foo Fighters are still playing. Nothing important going on.

02:42 PM EDT

Foo Fighters are performing.

02:42 PM EDT

“When you look at each of these, they are incredible industry leading innovations by themselves. But what sets them apart and what sets us so far ahead of the competition is how they work together”

02:39 PM EDT

A new ad is being shown for the devices

02:38 PM EDT

The new ipods will be available in October

02:38 PM EDT

2gb shuffle is , nano is 9 for 16gb, new touch is 9 for 32gb or 0 more for 64.

02:37 PM EDT

The earpods are available today and are included in new ipod purchases

02:36 PM EDT

There are three ports for the earpods to maximize airflow for sound quality

02:35 PM EDT

Earpods are designed to fit the geometry of your ear without sealing off the outside world.

02:34 PM EDT

Earpods go in the Ear….iPods go where?

02:33 PM EDT

New earbuds are on the way. Earpods is the official name

02:33 PM EDT

Apple wants to talk speakers now….

02:32 PM EDT

On the shuffle, just the colors are changing.


02:32 PM EDT

Comes in five colors. aluminum, black, blue, yellow and red. With color bracelets as well

02:31 PM EDT

Siri will work on the iPod touch.

02:31 PM EDT

Wifi only on the new touch. No real surprise.

02:31 PM EDT

Appears that Apple is targeting a camera-centric crows with the wrist strap.

02:30 PM EDT

1080p video ont he back and 720p on the front.

02:30 PM EDT

It’s made for a wrist strap.

02:29 PM EDT

There is an added button on the back of the new touch. Called the touch loop

02:28 PM EDT

The touch also gets the updated camera with flash but just 5mp.

02:27 PM EDT

40 hours of music playback on the touch with 8 hours of video

02:24 PM EDT

Game demo time! Clumsy Ninja is up on screen. It’s kind of like a furby in your phone. With less annoying

02:24 PM EDT

The a5 is said to have 7x the performance of the previous touch

02:23 PM EDT


02:23 PM EDT

The touch will use the a% dual core processor

02:22 PM EDT

All aluminum on the back with a glass front. There is a speaker and it has the same display as the iPhone 5

02:22 PM EDT

6.1mm, check that

02:21 PM EDT

Comes in at 6.5mm and 88 grams.

02:21 PM EDT

175,000 games available with 150 million gamers in game center

02:20 PM EDT

iPod touch is up to bat

02:20 PM EDT

30 hours of music playback which is the longest of any nano

02:20 PM EDT

pedometer built in so no need for Nike+ And bluetooth which is very nice!

02:19 PM EDT

The nano can play movies and photos as well. The fm tuner has a DVR built in.

02:18 PM EDT

Large cirle icons on the screen, a big of a break form the norm of Apple. Seven colors available.

02:18 PM EDT

Measures just 5.4mm thick with volume, fwd and bkwd all integrated on one side rocker. And there is now a home buttom.

02:17 PM EDT

It will have a larger display and easier to use controls as well as the lightning plug

02:16 PM EDT

Ipod nano update: “We really wanted to take the chance to reinvent the nano”

02:15 PM EDT

Now on to the iPod with Greg Joswick

02:15 PM EDT

The iTunes update will be ready mid-October

02:13 PM EDT

The postions of any movies you watch in the cloud will be held between devices for instant resume.

02:11 PM EDT

A new desktop miniplayer is added. Looks very sleek. A nice addition. You can search within the the widget and expand it to show upcoming music.

02:10 PM EDT

You can also add a song to “play next”

02:10 PM EDT

In shuffle mode you can change the order of upcoming tracks. That is nice. You can do it in regular play as well.

02:09 PM EDT

The more standard older iTunes look is still available as well. With a larger easier to read font.  You can drag and drop songs into a playlist where you want them to play

02:08 PM EDT

The view is like a grid, which expands when you press the album cover. To best describe it I would say check out the Google Play Music app.

02:07 PM EDT

The new iTunes is “dramatically simpler”


02:06 PM EDT

ou can share what you’ve previewed over FB or twitter


02:05 PM EDT

a large carousel on the top of the music and movie store. Doesn’t look familiar to me.

02:04 PM EDT

There are 435 million acocunts with access to 26 million songs. 60% of all downloads come from mobile devices.

02:03 PM EDT

20 billion songs purchsed in 9 years. Not bad.

02:03 PM EDT

Eddy Cue is up to talk about updated iTunes

02:02 PM EDT

iPod annoucnement is coming up with a new iTunes it looks like

02:01 PM EDT

iOS6 for all other suppoerted devices will be available September 19th.

02:01 PM EDT

Pre-orders will start this Friday and begin to ship September 21st.

02:00 PM EDT

Best phones at every price point Phil says.

02:00 PM EDT

Same pricing as iPhone 4s. 9 for 16gb, 9 for 32, 9 for 64.

01:58 PM EDT

Is anything a wow moment here? It is thinner which is great. And the design is superb as Apple always brings. But what about the technology? This phone was in development for two years.

01:57 PM EDT

NFC has not been mentioned, nor an updated bluetooth 4.0 . No wireless charging. No microusb compatibility. Looks like they kept the update to lte and a screen.

01:55 PM EDT

Apple seems to be pimping using wifi over LTE. I guess they want users to have to pay more monthly to the carriers for data?

01:54 PM EDT


Somehow the measurements on that slide pegged the phone at 8mm not 7.6.

01:52 PM EDT

The white is plain aluminum on the back while the black is anodized black aluminum

01:51 PM EDT

Come sin two colors, black and white

01:51 PM EDT

You can send an sms or imessage back if you cannot take a call right away.

01:50 PM EDT

You can view and reserve restaurants and then automatically post on FB that you are going

01:49 PM EDT

Siri can recommend movies by showing you all movies in the area with rotten tomato ratings

01:48 PM EDT

Oh Siri does sports updates now too?! Crazy And you can even launch apps by voice.

01:48 PM EDT

Now a demo of the shared photo stream feature. You can share photos with friends where they  and comment on them. You can subscribe to peoples photostream like your favorite athlete or musician

01:46 PM EDT

Passbook is now being shown with coupons and movie tickets.

01:45 PM EDT

You can share tabs from your desktop to your phone? How revolutionary.

01:43 PM EDT

Satellite and 3d images are available with turn by turn directions on top. Flyover mode is still gimmicky

01:42 PM EDT

Nothing new in maps as of now. Just turn by turn navigation through siri.

01:41 PM EDT

100 million points of interest have been added with info cards by yelp

01:41 PM EDT

Right now Scott Forstall is showing the new maps app.

01:40 PM EDT

Time to talk iOS 6

01:39 PM EDT

Of course, Apple will sell you dock adapters for your old devices

01:39 PM EDT

New connector is called lightning which is reversible, 80% smaller and is supposed to have beter durability

01:37 PM EDT

Now on to the doc connector

01:37 PM EDT

There is also improved audio on the phone. A wider spectrum of sound can be heard

01:36 PM EDT

There are three microphones. Front, back and bottom for voice recognition and noise cancellation.

01:35 PM EDT

The front camera has been upgraded to a 720p backside illuminated lens

01:35 PM EDT

1080p video recording with improved image stabilization and facial recognition

01:34 PM EDT

The final image of a panorama is 28mp. Thats an insanely large file to upload on your tiered data plan. Make sure you are on wifi!

01:33 PM EDT

Panorama has been added. They didn’t steal from Android though.


01:32 PM EDT

There is a new image processor built into the A6 with a filter that is supposed to do better at color matching.  It is 40% faster at capturing a shot than the iPhone4


01:30 PM EDT

Its the same camera as iPhone4 just smaller to fit the new casing. Added is a dynamic low light mode(hdr)

01:30 PM EDT

On to the camera. 8mp f2.4 aperture


01:29 PM EDT

iPhone 5 is said to get 8 ours of lte browsing, 3g talk and browing, 10 hours of wifi browsing

01:28 PM EDT

Battery life is next on tap

01:28 PM EDT

Real Racer 3 – coming later this year to iPhone

01:27 PM EDT

There is a two player mode that can be challenged with the racers playing at different times. Doesnt need to be live.

01:26 PM EDT

Real Racing 3 is being demo’d Looks prety fantastic for a phone game

01:25 PM EDT

EA is going to show off a game

01:25 PM EDT

Pages are supposed to launch 2.1x faster

01:24 PM EDT

A6 chip is more energy efficient while being twice as fast in graphics and processor as the previous chipset.

01:23 PM EDT

Rogers, Telus, Fido, Bell and Virgin in Canada

01:23 PM EDT

Sprint ATT and Verizon will all have LTE models

01:22 PM EDT

HSPA 21mbps, HSDPA is 42mbps, LTE is supposed to be 100mbps.

01:21 PM EDT

Hey, the Phone has LTE, 4G. Samsung and HTC just got in a limo to head for a courthouse.

01:21 PM EDT

The touch is now integrated into the display to offer less glare and a thinner design(like the kindle fire hd)

01:20 PM EDT

The new screen offers 44% better color saturation in SRGB rendering

01:19 PM EDT

On older apps there will be a black border on both sides to center the image of the app.

01:18 PM EDT

First party apps have been updated to follow the larger screen. Offering more data based on the new resolution.

01:17 PM EDT

Apple added an extra row of apps with the linger design.

01:16 PM EDT

Same exact width just a taller screen.

01:16 PM EDT

Retina display now up to 326ppi. And screen is 4 inches. Because Steve Jobs isn’t here to argue.

01:16 PM EDT

7.6mm thick, 112grams. 20% lighter and 18% thinner than the previous iPhone

01:15 PM EDT

It looks just like all of the leaks with the metal back casing and the matte black top portion where the camera and flash go. Yes, a flash.

01:14 PM EDT

‘The most beautiful product we have ever made, bar none”

01:14 PM EDT

iPhone 5 is the official name. Wasted no time getting to it today

01:12 PM EDT

Phil Shiller is on stage

01:12 PM EDT

Apple has sold over 400 million iOS devices as of June


01:11 PM EDT

App store has 700,000 apps. I bet you have less than 50 installed

01:10 PM EDT

iPad is responsible for 91% of all tablet web traffic. He is clearly only counting over 3g/4g. Android users mostly use free tether to get our data.

01:09 PM EDT

Right now Tim Cook is just going over numbers. iPad is up to a 68% market share of the tablet sector.

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