Nintendo Wii U To Start At $299 And Launch November 18

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just finished up with a press conference that showed us the final version of the Wii U that was first shown at E3 in 2011. At release there will be two versions of the U. A basic white version for $299 that includes the console and the controller pad, and a $349 version in black that adds stands for both items, a charging cradle for the pad and 32gb of storage. Along with the deluxe set you get coupons for online games as well as a copy of the Nintendoland game.

Nintendo also showed off Nintendo TVii, which is what i found to be most impressive of the conference. It is mostly like Google TV in the fact that it integrates all of your favorite streaming choices (netflix,amazon,hulu plus, youtube) into the tv but it also adds rich information via the pad. If you are watching a sports game you can check the pad and get stats for the game, information on each team and even information about the stadium they are playing in. If you are watching a movie or show you can find out about the actors and que up other films they have been in to play next.

A slew of games were announced for the system, and New Super Mario Brothers will be available at launch. The company said at least 50 titles will be available by March of 2013. One interesting announcement was that Bayonetta 2 will only be available on the Wii. The game was originally a multi platform release. Fans of the game may not enjoy that. If you are interest Nintendo will be replaying the press conference on a loop over at the Wii website. It shouldn’t be long now before you can pre order this system at Gamestop.

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