Pinterest Is For Women And This Infographic Proves It [infographic]

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I know very little about Pinterest. I have never used it, never looked into it, and have no motivation to think about trying it. I thought maybe this was because I dislike many parts of technology for the most part. I use twitter less than everyone who reads this, I am willing to bet. Go ahead and check out @erron. I just don’t use it. I don’t use Facebook either. I also just figured women used Pinterest because the only people I ever see talk about it are women. My sister mainly. In this infographic you can see that about 80% of people who use the site and app are female. The number one thing shopped for on Pinterest? Jewelry. The average ticket when someone buys an item through a Pinterest link is almost $200 vs about $80 on Facebook. The stats are pretty impressive for a site many people still haven’t heard of or used. The company seems like it will be a good candidate for the next buyout by Facebook or Microsoft. Or maybe some failed stock. Either way, check the infographic and learn more about the site than you’ll ever need to know. If you are a man, you are in the minority over there on Pinterest.

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