LG Nexus Poses Next To iPhone 5 In High Res Pics

| October 11, 2012 | Reply

I think it’s getting past the point of rumor at this point, but the rumored next Nexus will be this LG phone you see pictured. The specs are impressive indeed. A quad core processor, 2gb of ram, the best display you will find on a phone coming in at 4.7 inches. The phone retains an 8mp camera and lets hope it’s not as crappy as the Galaxy Nexus camera. What appears to be a downside of the phone is the large amount of real estate on the top and bottom under the screen. And the sparkly looking back. Another potential downfall is the rumor the phone may release without LTE support to allow better worldwide use. If you have been using LTE for two years, would you go back? Check the photos of what should be the next nexus, which may be announced or released Oct. 29 according to a french newspaper.

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