Makerbot Removes 3d Printable Gun Blueprints

| December 20, 2012 | Reply


We reported a while back about the first 3d printed gun that would actually fire. Since then, plenty of blueprints have made their way to the open source makerbot site, thingverse. While it has always been part of the websites TOS to not allow plans for weapons the company has never really enforced that rule. Mostly because the proof that a 3d printed gun actually working is scarce. In the wake of the school shooting last week where 20 children were left dead, makerbot decided it was time to enforce the TOS.

While a 3d printed gun was not part of the weapons cache of the person who shot all of the innocent people last week, makerbot has made it’s stance on the issue. Part of this reason may be the video uploaded a couple weeks ago of a 3d printed AR-15 assault rifle successfully firing off 6 rounds before breaking. The company¬†responsible¬†for the video, Defense¬†Distributed, has promised today they will host a site for 3d gun blueprints. Wherever you stand on gun control or personal rights I think we are in for a big change in the mindset of larger companies like makerbot in regards to gun use.

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