While You Were Busy Quitting Instagram, Instagram Continued To Grow

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If you have a pulse, you’ve probably heard of Instagram. It’s a mobile app where users can upload photos with crappy creative filters and find friends¬†with¬†similar photographic interests. Instagram has helped bring on a whole industry of high end phone camera attachments that bring the phone amenity with the tiny sensor up to par with some point and shoot cameras.

A couple of weeks ago Instagram, which is now owned by Facebook, changed their terms of service. In short the new terms told Instagram users the app could use their photo without permission or compensation for whatever they would like. A huge backlash began to spring on Facebook(which has the same, if not worse, TOS). Hipsters everywhere were getting up in arms and threatening to leave Instagram. What came of this? Well Instagram released a statement clarifying some things for users about the new TOS. So most users of the photo app are now calm and happy and think they they “won”. I guess ignoring the fact they support an app which tried to dupe them is a win. Fool me once, I suppose. Instagram is still the subject of a lawsuit because in the new, better terms of service the company still makes it clear if you quit Instagram they get to keep anything that is on your account at that point. So I guess that by winning and not quitting, users should now be afraid to quit because it will share the same fate as what was making them threaten to quit anyway? Enjoy those new terms, Instagrammers.

You would think with all this mess the general public would be smart and Instagram users numbers would go down, right? Not so. In the past two weeks Instagram has seen a nice growth rate of 5% which is sure to rise after the Xmas numbers come in. It’s a messed up digital world out there. And in typical fashion, the public will more or less follow a trend without being informed. Get mad when others do about the new old terms of service, but be OK with the new new terms of service because everyone else is.

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