Facebook Adds Graph Search So Stalking Your Friends (and their friends) Can Be Easier

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Facebook has announced graph search. Consider it Google of your friends only. You can ask it what your friends are listening to or where they are eating, and graph search will compile a detailed search of what you would like. You can search for places in particular cities and graph search will show you pages of local results. The results can be separated by social feeds or ratings. The search is instant with almost a Google like autofill search built in.

There is also a discovery search which allows you to find out information about people who are on your friends lists of friends. The idea is to make connecting easier. Let’s say you get invited to a party and want to invite someone you know is friends of a friend so you can stalk talk to them or ask them out or something, you can search for “people named Meghan who are friends with Rachel and Vic”. According to FB if the person you are looking for has it set where their profile info is only visible to friends the search wont help.

Search is also adding images to the query. You can search for “photos of friends taking photos” and your search will bring up the tagged images of your friends taking photos. They haven’t explained if the photos will need to be tagged with interests or something, or it uses some intelligent recognition software. Image search will also only include images that have been shared with you.

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