If You Thought You Wanted An Ouya, You Don’t. You Want A GameStick [video]

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This morning I was having a friendly chat with fellow Gizmoninja Writer and owner Todd. He says something to the effect of  “I want an Ouya”. My reply was “No, you want a GameStick”. What is a GameStick you might be asking? Well it’s like an Ouya only smaller. The entire gaming system internals are stored inside a usb flash drive sized dongle and an included small remote. The console will run on Android’s operating system to take advantage of the millions of Games available on the play store. How much will it cost in comparison to the Ouya? If you act now, $69. Later, $79. At the time of writing the device has raised about $7500 in just a few hours. I think it’s safe to assume within a month the $100,000 goal will be reached. With the onslaught of cheap consoles coming will this spell the end of big box consoles, or will most hardcore gamers just use these Android plugins as a secondary game console? With the GameStick costing about as much as a PS3 game, I could see plenty of parents deciding that this is the way to go.

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