The New Myspace Has Gone Live

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I have had a conversation with people a few times about an idea I had: Create a dating site that matches you with people based on your musical interests. The new Myspace is following that lead, only with social networking. The new Myspace is owned in part by Justin Timberlake. If you use any social networking or news reading sites then you know the former boy band hero is coming out with a new album for the first time since 2006. It only makes sense that on the day after JT releases a new song that Myspace relaunches with his face all over it. I had an opportunity to try the new Myspace while it was in beta. Personally I wasn’t impressed, but I thought Facebook stunk at the beginning(and still today) as well. I think the main issue Myspace has to deal with is the reputation it has. It’s thought of as the old not cool thing. It’s a punchline, much like the 90′s boybands that JT grew his career from. Mr. Timberlake managed to morph himself into relevancy and super stardom after some time, so maybe Myspace is ready for a comeback?

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