Cornings Next Gorilla Glass Will Have An Amazing Anti-Glare Coating

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One of the biggest problems people face today when using smartphones or tables are reflections outdoors. Phone makers try all kinds of different screen types and coatings to help with this issue but lets be honest; they all stink. If you us a device outdoors on a sunny day you end up one of those people holding your device at an odd angle trying to make sense of whatever you are reading. Dow Corning, the makers of gorilla glass have made a breakthrough in this field. If you look at the photo in this post you see a piece of glass that appears to have a hole in it. It is a sample of the new coating Gorilla Glass is working on. As you can see the results are pretty great compared to normal glass. On top of the anti-glare abilities of the next gen glass, there will also be an anti-bacterial coating. The glass will actually reduce the bacteria laying on your surface over time. Ready for the bad news? The new technology probably wont be ready for prime time until 2015.

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