Google Introduces The Chromecast TV Device for just $35

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Google has introduced a dongle device that will pair your phone or tablet to your tv. It’s small, plugs right into an HDMI plug and will sync with any type of wireless device- Not just Androids. You can name a device which has Chromecast isntalled and beam Youtube videos direct with a new cast button. This is starting to sound a lot like the Q. You can add a que list to the tv without losing the current video playing on the tv itself. If you leave the Youtube app the tv will remain playing the video you’ve chosen. Multiple people can connect to the device to share videos.

To use Netflix on the tv, the app will recognize the tv when opened on your mobile app and start to play at 1080 if your tv supports it. This will work on Apple and Android devices. If one device connects, the next can pick up where the old left off as long as they are both connected to the tv.

Chromecast also streams your Google Play Music app directly to your tv in the same way it works on Youtube. Pandora is supported as well.

The cast button will be on the www version of youtube as well so you can send videos right from you laptop to your tv. It appears the cast button will be built in across the entire Chrome browser which will allow you to stream just about any web content to your tv. If you open a new tab, Chrome will still display the media you first chose to stream allowing yout o continue working.

Chromecast will also use an open SDK to allow other app designers to work with the device easily. The developer preview is available today.

The device will only cost $35! Available for purchase today from Amazon and other retailers, as well as Google Play. Mobile TV makers take note…you’ve been put on notice.

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