Verizon Announces ‘Edge’ Early Upgrade Plan. It’s Not Good.

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Verizon has come up with an answer to other carriers’ early upgrade plans. Verizon has once again become the most expensive carrier to offer a service. The Edge upgrade plan is pretty simple: You can get a phone for full retail cost and spread the payments over 24 months. You can upgrade that phone in six months if you pay 50% of the phone off. That’s right, half. Say you bought a Galaxy S4 on this plan for $649. The HTC One shows up for Verizon and you want it. If you are around the 6 month time of having the S4, you will have to have paid $325 to upgrade. For six months of use for a phone. So you have pretty much rented the phone for $54 a month. If you can handle waiting a year between upgrades, the number is $27 a month of course. Does paying $325 a year to have a new phone once every year sound good to you? It’s a costly plan and you don’t end up owning a phone at all. Using the 2 year finance plan in full actually lets you keep the device in the end. The plan is set to launch August 25th. An interesting note at the bottom of the Verizon press release notes “Verizon Edge will be available to customers on Share Everything plans starting August 25th”. That sounds to me like people who haven’t converted to the Share everything plans are left in the cold.

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