Verizon Close to Buying Intel’s TV Startup

| December 16, 2013
Big Red Monster

Big Red Monster


For those of you who don’t know, Intel has apparently been working on a Pay-TV service that would be delivered online. Kinda like a live Hulu Plus. Apparently Verizon has turned it’s HAL-9000 red gaze towards Intel’s TV baby and wants to buy it outright. According to Bloomberg, these talks between the two giants aren’t public, but this story leaked out anonymously anyway. This could be the first step towards real competition between cable companies and dish networks who have been running a near-silent oligopoly for years. An analyst in the article is quoted as saying: “It has the potental to change U.S. pay-TV forever. Untethering the linear video service from the network could dramatically increase competition.”

We’ll see if this actually materializes into a real deal or not but it’s definitely an exciting proposition. Is it me or has Verizon been on a tear since they purchased the rest of their company back from Vodaphone?

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